Le Nguyen real estate company was established on 26/09/ 2005.
    Business License number: 4102033448
    Line of business:
    - Construction industrial
    - Renovation and interior decoration
    - Business (building and repairing houses for sale or lease)
    - Leveling
    - Construction of water supply systems
    - The service broker
    - Extraction and sale of building materials
    - Construction and urban business
    - Consulting services and project management
    Dear customers!
    - Le Nguyen real estate company is a distribution company share, Vietnam's leading real estate marketing, distribution systems and professional marketing.
    - Le Nguyen commits to bring for social the integration and professionalism in work, credibility and trust in the way, the friendliness and honesty in behavior, to always be pioneers in real estate and marketing in Vietnam.
    - With the motto of perfection in the development and continuous improvement. Ensure dynamic work environment, fairness and opportunity for all employees. Commitment to long-term cooperation with partners and customers based on mutual development.
    - Le Nguyen's target is building a network of brokers and investment throughout Vietnam. Implementation of joint ventures with foreign partners to support increased investment and real estate development. Create a professional working environment, solidarity and to common aims of the company.
    - With a team of professionals with extensive knowledge of real estate, enthusiastic consultants and preliminary evaluation. We commits to provide to our customers the best real estate services, with the fastest transaction time.